Eat my dust, damned youth!

I am turning 40 this week.  In the interest of the landmark occasion, I have been thinking about revisiting my life list.

But before I start getting too crazy looking forward, and moving on to my aged future, I want to leave some things behind with my youth.

Acne:  I am confident that my skin will return to the flawless complexion I had as a teen.  It just seems wrong to me that I didn’t get acne until after 30.  I am sure after 40, my skin will just clear right up.  Don’t tell me if I am wrong.

Bitterness:  Generally, I am quite bitter whenever I hear about someone younger than me who is successful.  Make partner?  CEO? Win the Pulitzer?  That reminds me that the infernal hands of time are ticking and I haven’t ticked those things off my list.  Since there is an increasing percentage of society who is younger than me, I think I need to let go of this.  Breathe.  All in due time (but still, sooner rather than later – I am not getting any younger after all).

Coffee:  Just seeing if you were still reading.  As if!


Gerascophobia.  Really, no reason to fear destiny.


All things considered, how bad can it be?  On the heels of 38 and 39, 40 is pretty much a shoo-in.

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