With a Hitch

We went to Indiana for a wedding, and it was beautiful.  The wedding, the weather, the party.  It was all a very good time.  Grace was in the wedding and did a fantastic job. 

The girls, looking lovely.

The girls, looking up.

I love this picture, and look at their faces close up.

Grace, looking to the future.

Looking at Love.
Russell and Abby, in the first moment after the kiss, looking like the smashing couple that they are.  We were so glad to share in their day – we look forward to the happiness and love they will share in the many years ahead. 

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1 Response to With a Hitch

  1. jennie says:

    the girls look so pretty! please tell me that you had someone do their hair. someone other than you, I mean. because it’s adorable and I’ll be jealous if you’re the kind of momma who can do hairdos.

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