The Fruits of Summer

Summer is here.  With it, comes some restlessness on my part.  This summer, for the first time in quite a long time, I am jealous of the girls.  They started summer camp last week in the mornings, and this year, I got a friend to come spend the afternoons and days out of camp with the girls.  **Note, I suppose she is really a nanny, but I told her I refuse to call her that.

As they start to absorb that feeling of freedom that comes with too much free time, I envy them.  I want to play cards on the floor for hours.  I want to go to the library.  I want to swim, and drink lemonade out of our new pitcher (see previous entry).  Don’t get me wrong, I like my job, and I know I chose my life but I am missing spending the “I’m bored” time with them. 

This weekend, I was very torn.  We spent last weekend bringing a whole bunch of Phil’s fathers’ things back to the house, and I was once again pitched into the frantic need to throw our own things away to make room for the “new” things.  Plus, Phil is out of town for a long week, so I had some designs on painting a few rooms.  However, I also was feeling a strong need to capture some of the things I feel I am missing.  So, as often happens, we compromised.

We got some serious sorting, trashing and cleaning done.  More than we have in a long time.  Plus, we got fresh produce from a farmer’s market and enjoyed the fruits of summer – fresh carrots, fresh beet salad made with all organic locally grown goodness, cherries, ice cold lemonade.  We swam, probably too much, if there is such a thing.  We read books and did laundry.

Finally, to bring both things together, we put away the beautiful new glassware we got from Phil’s father, who got it from his own father, who probably got it from Aunt Lorraine.  Aunt Lorraine must have been an entertainer, because it is a service for 20 of small dessert plates, large dessert plates, ice cream cups, parfait cups and water glasses.  The glassware is beautiful, and I suppose it must have some value in the secondary depression ware market.  It hasn’t been unpacked since 1985.  Regardless, we decided it felt like summer to us, so we left some out for us.  And tonight, we had our water in the water glasses, some soda in the parfait cups and a little chilly ice cream in the ice cream cups.

Happy Summer!

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1 Response to The Fruits of Summer

  1. Aunt Jane says:

    Those dishes will be most valuable if used and enjoyed by your family because every time you use them, you will think about the previous owners. If something breaks…it breaks. Much better than being packed in boxes…and they are WAY cute!

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