Out of the Mouths of Grace

The first words out of Grace’s mouth this morning:  “Mommy, those shoes don’t match your outfit at all, they are off white, and your sweater is white.  They don’t match.  At all.”

The first phone call from Grace this morning: “Mom, shouldn’t I do the ear drops this morning?  You left without giving me my ear drops.” (maybe because I was busy changing my shoes…)

Yesterday, just after Grace threw up at the grocery store with Elizabeth, when I asked her what she thought the problem was: “I did have that tomato sandwich for breakfast – I think I have salmonella.”

Thank goodness for me Grace is a) wardrobe aware, b) on top of our schedule for medications and c) totally up on current events.  And, for the record, it was only swimmers ear, and definitely NOT salmonella.

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3 Responses to Out of the Mouths of Grace

  1. jennie says:

    I think that Grace really should move in here. I could use help with my wardrobe, keeping on top of our schedules, and current events.Do you really have both white and off-white shoes?

  2. Kathy says:

    Just when we think we know what we are doing (how to dress ourselves)our children will always straighten us out! She is a character for sure!

  3. Mostly Jenine says:

    No I don’t own white shoes. I hate white shoes for some reason, and have a very strong aversion to them – and I recently ot a pair of flat champagne colored shoes I thought I could pull off. Maybe not so much.

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