But Certainly not Least…

I realize that it may seem a little obvious to wish a fine Fathers’ Day to Earl, since he is the only surviving father we have at this point, but I am not going to let that stop me. 

From the first phone call from Mom that her yard had mysteriously been mowed, or her driveway shoveled, the mysterious, tall neighbor Earl has been working his way into our hearts.  Mom fell in love with him first, but she certainly wasn’t the last member of our family to fall in love with Earl. 

Earl has opened our world to all kinds of new possibilities – he knows all kinds of things we don’t know, and since we haven’t yet had half a lifetime to hear the stories Earl has to tell, all his stories are still new to us.  Unfortunately, we don’t live close enough to get enough of Earl’s time, and you have to be sitting pretty still to get a story out of Earl (which not all the members of our family have yet mastered).  I figure that just leaves us more stories for the future.  Either way, we are blessed and fortunate to have Earl in our lives. 

Earl and Grace share the same birthday, and so while Grace is turning 8 this year, Earl will be turning 33 or 34 – since he started going backwards once he hit 60.  Thank goodness for us, since that may give us a longer time to spend with him – I have tried to get a written commitment that he will make it another 25 or 30 years, but as I noted previously, he is a little mysterious, so I have not been successful.  Yet.  I am not going to stop trying.

We still have a lot to learn from Earl. 

Many wishes for a happy, and extraordinarily healthy, Fathers’ Day Earl. 

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