Crafty Clothing

When I was in college, we were awfully crafty with our clothing.  I have written about this before.  So when Jacki and her girls came for a visit last week, we made the ol’ craft – dishtowel skirts. 


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17 Responses to Crafty Clothing

  1. jennie says:

    they look adorable! but something is missing – couldn’t you find a way to work a little Bedazzling into the project?

  2. Kim says:

    Okay Jenine–share how this project works!! I would love to make one but not quite sure how . . . I get the general idea, but need some tips.

  3. Mostly Jenine says:

    And SOO funny YOU should ask, Kim, because of COURSE all original dish towel skirts started at Pier One. Since it was the only way I could get a 15% discount on materials…Ok, there are 2 versions – the “puffy” skirt, as shown here, and the more sophisticated version. The puffy version takes 3 – 4 of your cutest dishtowels. You just sew them together end to end, leaving the final seam open. Then sew a casing on the top for elastic. Sew the last seam to make a big huge tube, then thread the elastic, tack it to the right size for your waist, and ha! Puffy skirt.Sophisticated. Ok, this worked WAY better before I had kids, and I would just sew 2 towels together, with a zipper on one side. Two towels didn’t work this time, so we tried a couple options, and turns out grown ups need darts. I did try taking 2 for the front and back, and then sewing sections of a third into the sides. It might work :).You might start with the puffy skirt, and wear it out one day – throw in a couple HUGE up with people claps and you will look ADORABLE. 🙂

  4. Kim says:

    Jenine–you crack me up!! I am going to try both but I don’t know if the two towel version will work for me. I haven’t had kids yet, but my 30’s are catching up with me!! Sitting on my rear all day in the finance department doesn’t burn as many calories as dancing did in college!

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