Go Team!

I haven’t been counting the days.  I didn’t even really remember that the Olympics were upon us until Andra told me that the opening ceremonies were on 08-08-08.  Then there was the project runway episode last week where the designed an outfit for the opening ceremonies.  So last night we parked ourselves in front of the television and watched the most remarkable opening ceremonies ever produced.  Ooooh.  Aaaaah.  I am over the civil rights violations and gross display of excess – get real.  It was absolutely remarkable and inspiring to watch those opening ceremonies.

So after that, and a day of watching today, I have to ask Why Haven’t I Been Counting The Days?  I have some really fond Olympic watching memories, and there is no disputing the power of the Olympics to motivate you to dream about greatness (and, unfortunately, to look inward at one’s own couch potato existence with some disdain).

When I was 16, I had surgery on my foot, and after hobbling through assorted airports on crutches, I spent a couple weeks in Tulsa with my grandparents.  It happened to be during the summer Olympics, and Grandma  and I watched it all.  We at cucumber and tomato sandwiches, and sipped lemonade.  Grandma regaled me with stories of how Grandpa had looked like a Greek god in his youth, much like Greg Louganis on the diving platform.  She expressed he firm belief that if only that talented gymnast would wear a little lip gloss, she would really look so much better.  We had a great time, and enjoyed every minute of the Olympic coverage, right up to the point where Grandpa came out into the living room with a small wicker basket, scissors and tweezers because he “sure wasn’t going to pay some doctor to remove those stitches when he could do it himself”.  I actually cried.  I was sure I would never walk again.  Obviously, I turned out fine.

Then I had another period of convalescense where my Mom came to stay, and we watched most of the games.  Our goal was to watch all the action so that when we saw the highlights, we had seen all the action BEFORE the higlights clip.  We were quite sucessful, I recall. 

So while I certainly didn’t need an excuse to sit around for the next 17 days, I am sure going to have to plan a whole bunch of it in to my schedule.  I love the Olympics, I do.  Go Team!

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  1. But it is no good using the tongs of reason to pull the Fundamentalists’ chestnuts out of the fire of contradiction. Their real troubles lie elsewhere.

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