Disassociative Disorder

The girls and I have been reading more lately – what with school back in and all.  Last year, both girls had tired of reading with me, and really wanted to just read quietly to themselves.  Incidentally, that was sad back then, but also nice, because it does take a long time to read separate stories with the girls each evening.

This year they both HAVE to have me again.  I asked Phil to fill in on one side of the hallway, because again, reading for 15 – 30 minutes aloud with each kid take a while, especially when the other kid then walks in 20 times whining and moaning about how I am neglecting that one, and that I love the other one more.  He was rejected.  It had to be me. 

So I started in Andra’s room the other night.  Grace slithered in on her belly, sneaking in to Andra’s room where I sat on the floor.  She copied me stretching for a while, we engaged in some hearty pantomime, then she started sorting a box of pens and pencils.  This was Andra’s limit.  

She rolled over, gave us a disgusted look, and said “You guys are giving me a wedgie.”


Reading right now:  Island of the Blue Dolphins, Andra
                                Ballet Shoes, Grace

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