The Other Half. Ish.

My name is half the name of this website.  Obviously, half of it should be about me.   And it is.  Mostly. 

The other half is about my family.  Since I only have 4 friend entries, and 4 home entries, it is pretty easy to see where my theoretical focus is.

However, I must issue a Johnathan alert this week, Phil is going to Alaska.

He has been preparing for about 2 years.  Personal training, persistent shopping, daydreaming beyond measure.  And now, the day is here.  Phil has weighed just about everythign he owns to find the lightest versions of his things.  I weighed this, just because I could.  Gum.  1.2 ounces.  He took 2.

He has cut a deodorant in half to save part of an ounce. 

He is exhibiting geniosity (a word our Jonathan made up) in using his drink bottle for a tape dispenser.  There is duct, electrical AND medical.  Plus some rubber bands.

He is stressed out of his mind (some of the attempts at geniosity are not going as well as the deodorant resize).  I tried to weigh the broken thing and its replacement to make him feel better – the broken one was 5.5 ounces heavier!  It must not have been the right jacket after all.

Phil is scheduled to be gone for 16 days.  I want him back in about 8.  So any prayers you can send would be greatly appreciated.  There is that X Files, where people wish for things, but end up getting killed and maimed because, in the words of the wish-granting genie, they didn’t specify.

So, if you are willing to throw some well wishing prayers to the universe, here are a few specifics.

Phil:    Alaska:     Sheep:

Please pray/hope/demand that on SEPTEMBER 23, 2008 PHIL kills a SHEEP in ALASKA and comes home safely to his family.  Work with me people.

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6 Responses to The Other Half. Ish.

  1. jennie says:

    cutting deoderant in half? clever, and yet not something I would be willing to short myself on.good luck phil! can’t wait to hear about your trophy* on Sept. 23rd and not a day later.*improper use of hunting terminology not only possible but highly probable.

  2. Charley Hahn says:

    Jenine – you might let Phil know that we have big horn sheep as well as the small white goats here in Montana as well. He could probably afford to bring a much heavier bag and severl more guns with him if he were to hunt in Montana!

  3. Jacki says:

    Good luck Phil! and good luck Jenine. Nice work on the light-sizing.

  4. poetecca says:

    It would have been willing)

  5. poetecca says:

    It would have been willing)

  6. zhenimsja says:

    Hi, man! I am absolutely acclaim this way of assessment and everything joined.

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