Stop. Smell.

Work has been very consuming lately.  Phil – he doesn’t call, he doesn’t write.  

So last night, we came home, and I painted the den while we watched a couple shows.  Then we slept in.  Picked up the house.  Put the den back together. Painted the hall.

And then we decided it was time to stop.  And smell the roses.

We went to the zoo and spent a week’s wages on snacks and drinks.  We watched a vicious argument between two very itchy, and irritable sea otters.  We observed countless couples between the ages of 16 and 25 wandering around sans kids.  Now that I have kids, I always wonder why do people without kids go to the zoo?  There was a woman, clearly days away from delivery, snapping photos of every caged beast and oohing and aahing over them.  Really?  Don’t you have a nursery to paint?  Save it up for the next 5 – 10 where you will be coming for a reason.  And the couples with the 3 month olds, holding them up, showing them the black jaguar in the dark cage.  Showing them the gray rhino across the large pen.  It was all I could do not to yell “You know they can’t see anything over there, right?  The only animals they will see are the squirrels and birds, right?  The same squirrels and birds you can watch for free over there, outside the front gate, Right?” 

Thank goodness it was near closing, so my sarcasm could get a rest.

We followed our noses, then, to the Rose Garden.  We discovered the rose garden one sunny fall day when we were at the park, and the smell was overpowering from the playground. We wandered in the direction of the scent, and we found it.  Hundreds of rose bushes, planted in circles, originally as a test to see what would grow in the desert.  Since you can’t see the end of the roses in this picture, I can report this test was a PASS.  A+.

They are all in bloom, so we spent a large amount of time smelling.  And smelling.  And smelling.  We sat in the ramada, and then got up to smell some more.

Andra wandered off, and was muttering and turning around so I went to check on her.  Here’s the surprise of the day – she was planning her wedding.  She was estimating number of chairs per open space.  I had better start saving, because she was up to 465 guests by the time we left.  Here she is tallying the guests in row 2.  I did ask why she wasn’t getting married in the center ramada – duh!  That’s where the dance will be!

PS – okay, Phil DID call by the time I got around to finishing this post.  So far, no broken bones, no sheep.  Moving locations.  Just 2 days to get your prayers and wishes on record with the universe, people…

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2 Responses to Stop. Smell.

  1. jennie says:

    that looks like a great place for a wedding! has she registered yet? I like to shop early.

  2. filmdream says:

    You wrote this article?

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