Fashion Advice: Courtesy of My Girls

Remember the days when you were taught that your belt, your shoes and your handbag should all be matching?  Well today, I learned a few lessons on style from my girls that makes this old rule look BORING.  Even Passé.

This morning as we were trying to get Grace shod to go to church, she looked up and asked me “Mom, what drink can I take with me that will match my outfit?”  I looked at her a little blankly, I think, I mean I know church can sometimes FEEL like a long time but I am pretty sure no one is going to dehydrate during that brief little period of time.  As I stared at her, she added “I mean, that Gatorade G2 matched my shirt yesterday, so what can I carry today?”  We settled on a Kiwi Strawberry Propel with a pink label.  But the real question? 

What will you be wearing tomorrow?  I am pretty sure if my outfit has to match my drinks, I will be in BROWN.  Like Coffee.  Try it, really, just for a day.  I dare you.

So as I was out shopping for a little brown number to go with my morning cafe au lait (thank you Liz Claiborne), I was also browsing the handbags, since it is time to move to a fall bag.  Andra came around the corner, after nixing the green, shiny, snake skin patterned bag, and said “Really, how dull.  Pop starts have a different bag every time they leave the house!  Why can’t you have more than one purse?”  So I bought the orange handbag as a start – but I think she is on to something…  I may need to go back for the green bag, too.

So, forget matching your handbags, just buy 20 and move on.  Just make sure your shoes match your drink.  White after labor day?  YES – with MILK!  Bottoms up!

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3 Responses to Fashion Advice: Courtesy of My Girls

  1. Thanks for the info. All i know about fashion matching is the lady’s bag color should be the same as the shoes. And for males, the belt and the shoes should be the same color 🙂

  2. phystudy says:

    Help me find a man! Max Bryan

  3. Very simple in words but in reality, many discrepancies, not so peachy!

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