Mostly Gate 2008

I received a message from the Veep pick tonight that he thinks he should be running things.  He wants to be the president.  Well, sir, that was not to be.  I am the chosen one. 

I needed to move up my game to compensate for his insubordination, and kick off a little national advertising.  Obama has a whole channel, and while I made hundreds of dollars in the stock market today, I can’t afford a whole channel yet.

I did get a little coverage on the local news station…


I still have some cabinet positions open – and hey, I know you’re busy, but this is our COUNTRY we are talking about people.  It’s time to step up.  I will appoint, if necessary.  Just saying.

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1 Response to Mostly Gate 2008

  1. Michele says:

    After thoughtful consideration of the onerous task handed to us by our future President, Jenine, I would like to recommend the nomination of Erin Lee Snodgrass to the Cabinet Position, Secretary of the Department of Transportation. Ms Snodgrass brings her extensive experience in the private sector including exhaustive travel by road and by sea (or river and lake anyways!) She appreciates the real-life aspects of well developed and safe plans for the building, development and maintenance of roadways and waterways. She has experienced transportation conditions of the direst consequence while driving America’s roadways in a fully loaded Top Secret Bullshit Proof Black Suburban during rush hour filled to capacity with height challenged citizens! If appointed she will work for well maintained roads free of potholes. Encourage the investigation and research of other forms of energy for more friendly fuels that are not import based. She will encourage further research of “moo-fuel,” hopefully replacing the need for gasoline with bovine produced methane gases and waste free farms!Erin received the Who’s Who Among American Milk and Methane Producers,” and holds a PhD from Moo University(not Moo U, that is the Udder University.)Please kindly consider this recommendation. Respectfully, Your loyal tax-free constituent.

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