I’m Just Not That In To You

Are you getting the feeling that I am just not that in to you anymore?  Like a so-so boyfriend who just stops calling, until you run in to him at a frat party to find that he is there with a girl, and when you get his roommate to take you up to his room to spy on him, there are another girl’s clothes on his bed?  Ouch.

I admit, I have been a little distracted.  There is the really demanding relationship I am in, called WORK.  And man, it wears me out.  I am ignoring the rest of my friends and family, and even though I think I am not really eating I seem to be gaining weight.  For a bony chick, I have an awful lot of pants that are indecent to wear to town.  They just don’t make that fabric the way they used to.

See?  I just got distracted in that PARAGRAPH.  

I still think of you often, I do.  I will always care for you.  I will get tired of this relationship, eventually, and I hope you are still there for me when it all goes bad. 



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1 Response to I’m Just Not That In To You

  1. Your Big Sis says:

    Hey Lil Sis, I still love ya! For a not-so-bony Chick, I am really glad to hear that you have gained weight! However, you really will have to do something about the indecent clothing.X’s and O’s tied up with pink ribbons

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