Doin’ The Dirty Work

I have been in a funk.  I have been working so much, that I have ignored dozens of little projects or improvements that desperately need to be made.  In addition, somewhere along the railroad of despair and recovery I have lost the ability to plan for my personal life. I see the track in front of me, but I haven’t noticed a destination sign for miles.

I had a little time this weekend (read: just couldn’t take it anymore).  I actually knocked a bunch of the big things off my list, and I started thinking about tomorrow.  I might be able to relearn this life management thing.

We cleaned the sink drains.  Lesson learned – don’t shove HAIR down your sink drain, EWW.
We washed the car (actually, we paid someone else to detail it).  Lesson learned – clean cars smell better.
We bought Andra a winter coat.  Lesson learned – if it’s cute she’ll wear it.
We cleaned the mouse cage for the first time in way too long. Lesson learned – clean mice smell better.
I reviewed my holiday shopping to date and I am way ahead of schedule. 

I read a trashy book, and fell in love with the lead (unfortunatly there are like 35 more in the series).
I made poickle soup for myself.  No one else has wanted it yet, so I made it for me.

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