Immigration 101

Okay, so having discussed teh activities of the weekend and our unexpected guest at camp, I throught I would review the misllions of things we discussed regarding immigration.

Why people sneak in to the US. What you have to do if you want to visit any foreign country.  Why people leave their country.  Why they want to come here. Why we limit immigration. 

But mostly what I am thinking about, and what we discussed, is what you would do if you planned to sneak in to a country.  Grace couldn’t do it (she gets that from me).  She would just pick another country if one wouldn’t let her in.  Andra would be more prepared.

I would think pretty seriously about the following, and this is what is so astounding to me about our recent experience:

  • Learn a little of the language.  Just a little.

  • Bring a phone.  Cell phone, first priority.  Then one with a cord.  Check it out, almost all houses have a phone jack outside the house, you could just plug in and talk without anyone being the wiser.  I dare you, go look

  • Have a plan.  Like, know the name of the city you are headed for?  A map? 

  • Study the local customers, and schedules.  Like, say HUNTING SEASON.

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