Give Thanks.

This year, I am so thankful. 

I am thankful for a husband who hunts (yes, I just said that).  I am thankful that he hunts with Andra, and puts in the monumental effort it takes to take her hunting, and himself hunting while coping with the fact that she is old enough to hunt. 

I am thankful that Andra wants to go with Phil, and is well on her way to developing her innate fierce determination.

I am thankful for Grace, who loves me and loves food.  I am amazed that my child knows more about cooking at age 8 than I knew last week.  She pushes me to be better (against my will, at times) and I am glad.

I am thankful that both of my children have become good readers and actually want to read.  Andra wakes up early to read in bed. Grace blows through books almost as fast as I do, and that is saying something.

This year, I am appreciating everything in my life.  I have wanted some peace and quiet, but now I miss the noise.  I want to start running through my life again, but I am still tired.  But above all, I think we are all ready for 2009 around here and we are all excited for something different. Better yet, we have 4 weeks of celebration and holiday fun before we get there.  We started with about 15 dozen cookies this morning to kick it off, and we have finished almost all the leftovers (HOW did we do that?!??!). 

Happy Holidays, late and early.  I hope you are starting to make some plans too, for the holidays and the new year.  And, of course, thanks for reading.

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1 Response to Give Thanks.

  1. Michele ~ The Big Sister says:

    Thank You Jenine, and Julie, I am thankful for having two wonderful sisters who have been there always. I love you both more than words can convey.Thank you Jenine for having such a beautiful gift of writing such wonderful, thought provoking words and sharing them with all of us! Godspeed

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