The Mop in My Closet

Well.  I know I have been a little out of it, lately.  I have been working a lot.  Then, I got tired of working a lot.  So I have been doing other things.  Like reading, and sleeping.    The house?  Neglected.  The kids?  Well, let it suffice to say that Grace told me recently that I am not the mother I used to be.  I don’t think she meant that in a good way.

I keep thinking of ways to revitalize the blog.  I’ve got nothing. I think about ideas all the time.  And then I can’t find my camera, or Phil is at the computer.

I have been trying to revitalize the house.  I painted the den County Cork.  I painted the kitchen Eastern Amber.  I ordered fresh pine boughs for the holidays, and today I got them all put up.  They look lovely. 

So now, I have decided to rededicate myself to the little people.  No, not all of you, but my kids.  All good steps.

But tonight, I had a big setback.  I admit it.  I found something in my closet that really upset me.  I found a mop head replacement for a mop I don’t have.  I think that is strange, but not particularly upsetting.  Then I go vacuum, and order pizza and do some picking up.  Whistling while I work.  A fantastic holiday CD in the stereo. Then, unbelievably, I opened a different closet, and I can clearly see that I own that mop.  It is right there, in the closet.  Really.  Did I buy that mop?  Did my cleaning goddess get so tired of my worn out other mop that she bought it?  Have I completely lost my mind? 

Possible.  Entirely possible.  At least I got a blog entry out of it. 

I’m BACK Baby. 

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3 Responses to The Mop in My Closet

  1. Charley says:

    Maybe instead of the “Cleaning Goddess” replacing your old worn out mop, she was trying to tell you to resume mopping your floors????

  2. spicelectron says:

    Going to the Alps for the weekend, someone with me?

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