…And Joy

It is the holiday season and I am really enjoying it.

Last Friday, the girls had the greatest talent show ever.  They danced, and Grace played the recorder. It was bright and festive, and full of holiday spirit.  I came home and read some of the most wonderful holiday cards from you all (ok, well, from friends.  I don’t know if either of YOU sent me a card.)  So I got down to business and worked on our cards.  And enjoyed that, too! 

Last weekend we got a tree, and we shopped, and we played way too much Christmas music, if there is such a thing. 

Both girls have embraced the joy of giving. They have insisted on buying presents for half the universe, and paying for it themselves.  It is sweet and thoughtful.

Last night we decorated the tree, and here are some of the things that make me so happy in our holiday box:

Santa, my favorite rolling toy from my youth that has a jingle bell in it.  And his friend, that MY friend Michelle gave me when Andra was a baby:

The coolest, hand crafted nativity set:

The candy cane ornament I made when I was a kid, that Phil tries to throw away every year:

The mini nativity from Nogales, that’s right, that’s a WALNUT:

And the very best thing about Christmas:

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1 Response to …And Joy

  1. jennie says:

    I don’t understand why Phil keeps trying to throw away the toucan you made.

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