Killing the Spirit, or Acts of Service to Grace

I love Grace.  And she has been despairing lately that her room isn’t “matching”.  Her room was the room the girls used to share, so she inherited my original wall paint and theme, which was very sophisticated gold with red accents, befitting young princesses.


For Christmas, Grace was getting a new set of sheets and comforter in a much more mature color scheme, and I felt it was important that she wake up Christmas morning to the full effect.  So, on the evening of December 23, at about 7:30 PM I decided it was the perfect time to paint her room.  So for 4 hours the night of the 23rd, and then, of course, all morning on Christmas eve I painted, too.  I was exhausted, a little cranky, and kind of sorry I decided to take on such a big project on the day before Christmas…

BUT – Grace loved it.  She stayed in her room all day on Christmas.  She is even, believe it or not, in this picture, bundled up in her new things in her pink and brown room.

It was all worth it.

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6 Responses to Killing the Spirit, or Acts of Service to Grace

  1. Pat Mitchell says:

    I’m going to ask Jane to redo our bedroom. New sheets, wall treatment and a new comforter. I’m sure I would like it, but do I need to stay in the bedroom for a full day to show my thanks?

  2. Snowysports says:

    in your country is switching to winter time?

  3. micro-scopy says:

    Will there be a doomsday in 2012?

  4. Silverhammer says:

    Very amusing thought, well told, just do everything laid out on the shelves:)

  5. Lightfist says:

    Good! All would be well written:)

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