The Girl is Mine. The Doggone Girl is Mine

This morning when I went to kiss Andra in the morning, she fluttered her sleepy eyes open and said “Thanks Mom.  Thanks for waking me up.”  There wasn’t a trace of sarcasm there, she was really grateful.  What 10 year old thanks her mother for waking up in the morning on a Saturday?

She continued, “I was having a terrible dream. I was dreaming I had a division test that had 500 problems and I only had 1 minute to do it.  And they weren’t like 1 through 12, but like 20 to 200. And you had to  color a dot under any problems that were under 100, and shade the answers for anything over 100.”

I certainly was a bad dream.  And just the kind of thing I dream about.   Andra is so completely Phil’s, most days, from her nose to her hair to her eyes, to her fierce determination and love of lists and order. 

It was nice to know  there is a scrap of me in there somewhere. 

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6 Responses to The Girl is Mine. The Doggone Girl is Mine

  1. jennie says:

    I can’t wait until she discovers the joys of using Excel. P.S. Love the new blog look!

  2. Jenine says:

    You are so right ~ Andra is so Phil’s!

  3. Jenine says:

    completely all days

  4. jenine says:

    not funny

  5. Alldramas says:

    Had already seen something like this

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