There is a Whole, Bright Shiny World Out There

I am often impressed with the idea that there are so many worlds out there, in this world.  No matter where you look, you could find a whole world that has people who run around in it.  You can bury yourself in that world, and probably do, but you have to be paying attention in order to be aware of how complex these other worlds are.  We live in mining and hunting and accounting worlds.  Jennie and Marty live in a wrestling, hip-fixing, animal nutrition world.  Julia and Ryan live in a basketball, volleyball, snow cold world.  You live in a bustling, busy, complicated world others barely understand.

Sometimes, I am more aware of these other worlds than others.  Tonight, I took a drive through town, and realized it isn’t even just different current worlds we need to be aware of – but there are layers of our very own PAST worlds out there too.

So tonight, as we drove through town, I drove past the place where Jacki’s car broke down in front of my dorms, and she called me frantically to say her car had just died in the middle of the road – oh, plastic bag sucked into the engine.  I drove past Marty and Gail’s old house, I think their wedding reception was in the back yard – hey! There is a wall out front now!  There is the school where I took Levi to swing when he was a very little boy (that was a very long time ago).  My sister’s old street where they lived when the kids were babies.  and Look!  The theater where we went to Rocky Horror Picture Show every Saturday for ages.  The place where the Unicef store used to be, where I would buy those super flattering, floor length sack dresses of Guatemalan fabric.  And we ended up at the restaurant where Dad and his friends ate lunch every Sunday.

And today, I was happy for all those worlds, past and present.  We’ve had some good times in this world.

Pay attention!  There’s some good stuff out there, people.

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