Have a Happy Day

Happy Valentines Day. 
I hope you see so much red you have to blink to clear your eyes. 
I hope you smell at least one flower. 
I hope you get a little paper valentine from someone you didn’t expect. 

Andra always makes her valentines, and this year they had little wire hearts.  Aren’t they lovely?

Both girls made boxes – I still remember my favorite box – covered in red paper, with a lumpy black and white penguin tottering on top.

Love someone today.

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5 Responses to Have a Happy Day

  1. Antonio says:

    XOXOLove, Tony

  2. military says:

    Please explained to me, why be rich?

  3. zhenimsja says:

    I’ve wanted to post something like this text on my website and this gave me a good idea. Thank You!

  4. maul says:

    Quite interesting. Thank you!

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