A Good Guilter

Grace has been hard on me these days – which is the guilty mom’s way of saying she challenges me daily to be the best parent I can be.

It started with her telling me that “I wasn’t the mother I used to be”.  Not in a good way.

Then, she started a campaign for food.  Seems “I wasn’t making actual dinners” anymore.

On an ongoing basis, she asks me to pick her up in the middle of the day, or  go to lunch with her, or leave early to take her to the store for something she really, really needs – all neglecting the basic, yet obvious fact that I WORK during the day (at my day job, that is).

So I have been making an effort – with the dinners, and mothering and all.  So tonight, Grace says “We have been having dinner a lot lately, it’s almost like real dinners.” 

I responded by saying “Thank you for noticing, Grace! I have been trying awfully hard.”

Phil wisecracks  “Grace, you guilted her into it, you know.”

Grace says  “I am an awful good guilter.  I am really good at guilting people.”  And she is.  She really, really is.  She continues, “But I am not good at being guilted.  People can’t really guilt me back – they try.  No one can do it.”

Phil is taking it as a challenge.  Fortunately for me, Grace doesn’t need guilt, she just has this bright, shining light inside her.  She just made me an Actual Guilt Free Dessert – a sugar-free Girl Scout chocolate chip cookie sandwich.  Yum!

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