Ode to Joy

I put Joy at the top of my list this year, and I think about it every day.  My life is still full enough that some of the things I go “Ah, that would bring me JOY” about are still a little outside of the realm of possibility, but I am trying to be open.

Things that are a bit of a stretch, but would make me muy muy joyful:

Roses.  I got the most beautiful rose catalog.  I put in 2 small rose bushes last year that bloomed all winter, and so I want to plant about a million more.  More maintenance than I can handle (I have a black, black thumb), so I will just stroke the catalog and dream.  For now.

Pen pals.  Andra got a letter today from her pen pal.  Her pen pal is the daughter of my best friend from childhood. The pen pal finished her letter with a plot to try and trick me and Sandi into getting the girls together to meet – what joy!  Missoula in the summer – Wow!  Trick me!

Big legs.  This is well known to those who love me, and I hope those who don’t will humor me.  The Wii says I need to gain over 25 pounds to get to my “ideal” BMI.  Dude.  I am so not getting pregnant again (since that is probably the only way I can gain 25 pounds).  But to show the virtual trainer, I worked out for 45 minutes and broke the records for Soccer, Lotus Focus and Free Step.  Boo Yah!  I will get bigger legs.

Fear.  Ok, I hesitate to even UTTER this, but I fell in love.  With a puppy.  And while the cats would be muy muy UNjoyful, it has been fun to hold and love a little white puppy with black and brown spots.  Until someone else loves him.  Who probably won’t be me. 

Some real simple things that made my day:

My sink.  When I run water in my bathroom sink, it sounds like little birds.  It probably means there is an air leak and the pipes are getting ready to burst and flood the house but it is such a sweet sound right now. 

Music. This week, Grace and I did gymnastics in the living room to Simon and Garfunkel.  What a song can do to take you back!  (That, and handstands against the wall…) In addition, we have been listening to Phil’s Dad’s copy of Carole King Tapestry.  What a CD.  Tack on my new favorite, dreary cover – Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Greg Laswell and my musical joy is complete. 

Healthy lunches.  After months of giving me detailed presentations on why I am a poor parent, Grace called me to tell me she loved the lunch I made her and she would love it if I would keep putting all healthy foods in her lunch, because it made her feel better.  At LAST.  I made the girl happy.  With snap peas and black olives, no less.  For a few minutes anyway, until she started on why I don’t read enough with her.

Thank goodness that there is so much joy to go around, and definitely enough to share.

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52 Responses to Ode to Joy

  1. Charley Hahn says:

    I think you should heed your daughter and her pen pals plot and come to Missoula this summer. That way you guys could come and visit us in Polson as well!

  2. Aunt Jane says:

    Using your vernacular, I am so not asking Wii about body image or weight gain. You go for it, girl. Maybe we could do some kind of transplant…

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  45. You know, there’s one thing I want to say about this blog. I enjoy reading published someone’s personal hobbies and activities. I like the way you presented it. It looks very organized and it also taught me new things to do of my own.

  46. I can’t help not to admire your post. It was definitely great and so interesting. I totally enjoyed it. Thank you so much for sharing and may you have a nice day as always.

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