Just a Few Thoughts

I realize I have been neglectful.  So rather than try and flesh these out, here are a few things that strike me today.

Phil and I went on a trip alone this weekend.  Well, as alone as you get with almost 3,000 bow hunters.  As we cruised through the airports, I was interested to see all kinds of women I might have been.  That earthy hiker chick, whose hair has never seen a highlight and who has never had a pedicure.  I might have been her.  That suited, heeled professional on her phone. I used to be her.  That hooker (or maybe she was just a really pretty, large breasted woman in the 6 inch platforms – for traveling) I was never and would never be her.  But still, everywhere I look – versions of me, had I not changed jobs when I did, or watched that mom jeans episode of What Not to Wear.  Had another kid, or had one later.  Any way you slice it, we all have a million chances to be someone – I am so glad I ended up in THIS me.

For those of you who don’t have a ten year old, I am convinced ten is the new thirteen.  Andra’s friends all have cell phones (and are on their second or third version by now).  They are half grown, developing young women.  I suppose we are always getting older, sooner, and the older we get, the older it seems our children are.  If that makes any sense.  So it gives me the greatest pleasure on earth that Andra has started sleeping with Elmo again.  That’s right, the Elmo she found hidden in my closet before Christmas the year she was two.  He is little.  And red.  And totally and completely disarming.  He still talks in that voice, every now and then.  “Elno loves you Andra.”  Especially when she is sad or troubled.  I am so glad we found Elmo in that box in the garage, so Andra can stay a little kid just a little longer.

At one of my former employers, my supervisor once told me that I was reaping havoc.  The traditional spelling of this behavior would be to wreak havoc.  And it struck me that, as he put it,  with all that havoc I was reap, reap reaping, I should have been more careful about what I sowed.  Who would sow all that havoc on purpose?  This week I realized that maybe when we sow havoc, we really just think we are planting a landscape plant.  A few weeks ago, we planted a near dead landscape plant Phil brought home.  We put it in a planter, Phil added some potting soil from the garage and we watered.  And as the dying tree faded to “nothing but stick” status, we marveled as around the stick curved the tendrils of a pea plant.  Last summer, Grace was experimenting with peas but they never grew.  Apparently, we dumped the failed pea experiment back into the potting soil.  And now, we are reaping pea blossoms and the promise of sweet garden peas.  Completely by accident. 

I guess no matter who we are today, and who we were on our way here, sometimes no matter what you put in the ground you will be surprised at what comes up. 

Here’s to having the surprises be good ones.

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  1. The money is great, no way am I complaining.

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