More Meat

Meat is amazing, isn’t it?  We are a meat kind of family.  When Andra was a baby she was regularly seen sitting in her high chair calling out in a plaintive voice “more meaaat!  more meaaat!”

So this morning, at 6:15 AM when I came out of the bedroom after my shower, I smelled the savory aroma of cooking meat.  Taco meat.  Phil had thawed it, and to avoid spoiling it, he had cooked meat.  Taco meat. For breakfast.  And at the counter, sat Andra with a huge plate of Taco Meat and tortilla chips.  For breakfast.  Apparently, Grace had Taco Meat for breakfast too.

We came home after school and work, and hey!  Who wants meat!  For dinner!  And here is where we started making up a song, to the tune of the Bread and Jam for Frances jelly song (sorry if you don’t know it…) 

Meat for breakfast
Meat for lunch
Meat is the food we love to munch
I love meat and meat loves me
I wish I had a boyfriend made of meat.

Grace added the last line, and I like it.  We proceeded to have a dinner table discussion of all the things we love about meat.  Grace said some real funny things that I can’t remember (I know, it’s only 8 PM – I am in so much trouble if I am already forgetting things).

Heck, it isn’t Pablo Neruda or anything, but meat deserves it’s own song, don’t you think?

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