A Little Chocolate Cake, With That

A couple weeks ago, after a long break from the Wii, I got on and had met my goal for weight gain.  Now, since all of you know me, and are fully aware that I am a bony chick, I am not going to worry that my frank discussion of weight gain struggles will make you hate me (more).  After all, I am the girl who, in my seventh month of pregnancy had my boss John telling me I finally looked like a real person.  I come by my bony-ness honestly, and through strife and ailment so back off already.

It was kind of surprising to gain a couple pounds out of the blue, but since for the first time I didn’t get the little Wii guy to droop over in the underweight category I was just glad and went on my merry way. 

So today, I got on the Wii after an 11 day absence, and had gained 3.1 pounds. 

You must understand that in my life, weight gain is something that just doesn’t happen.  The last time this happened, I was pregnant.  The ONLY two times this has happened, I was pregnant.  I am NOT now, but I have to admit, gaining 5 pounds in 2 weeks for ME is an awfully big deal.  I can’t think of some fantastic food I have been shoveling in, really, and I haven’t (to my knowledge) been lifting weights to build up heavier muscle tissue. 

It makes me think of this story.  When I was a young girl, maybe 9 or 10, I went to work with my Dad in his bar and restaurant business.  This lady was commenting on how bony I was, but after a few exclamations, she stopped herself and said “Well, well, Dear, it will catch up with you someday”, while patting her backside (I may have made that part up).  I have been looking over my shoulder ever since,  wondering if it was just around the corner, or if that crackling noise in the bushes when I walk by is IT.  Catching up with me. Kind of like those Geico money eyes from the commercials.  Following at a distance for years, just waiting for me to ease up on my pace and then BAM. All caught up.

I am not complaining, mind you, I could use the weight, but it is just a little perplexing to me.  So tonight, I got a big slice of chocolate fudge cake and sat down to think about the situation.  I am sure I will think of something soon.

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