Week One – Look Out Summer, here we come!

We have completed week one of summer.  CHECK!

While the girls are on summer break, of course Phil and I are all growed up and must continue, despite our dearest desires to the contrary, to work days.  This year, more than ever, I really want to lie around, playing cards and drinking cold lemonade and eating cucumber sandwiches for the lazy days of summer.  Even though I have to break it up with long stretches of serious computing, I am going to try and keep it “cool” around here by doing summer type things.  Some big.  Some small.  All summer, all the time.  The girls only have 9 weeks off this summer, for various reasons, so I figure we need to get going.  I think perhaps if I report in to you, tender readers, we will feel more accountable to do good works, and will have a nice little review of where our summer went when we are crying about it being over next fall.

That, and, let’s be honest, I haven’t exactly been burning up the pages with clever and witty posts lately, so maybe a little quantity over quality, eh?

We started off with four days at one of the best places on earth, the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch.  My sisters both came to town with their offspring, we rode a horse or two, ate our collective body weight in buffet food, laid down a “deep” base tan at the pool and relaxed.  It was quiet, and peaceful, and since we have been there three times now as a group, it was interesting to mark the progress of the kids over the years – they are all bigger, to be sure, and since they all seem to still like us, we enjoyed their company.

The girls then kicked off Summer Plan 2009.  It involves reading, collecting coins, swimming, and, obviously doing a lot of nothing.  They are well on their way to meeting their week one plan.

I have read 4 books since their summer break started.  It just feels like a summer kind of thing to do.

We made a jar (thanks Mom!) of lime ice water to drink by the pool yesterday – cold, and refreshing.  Summer!

Laundry.  Lots of laundry.  We had a good moment when Grace realized that Andra (also known as Labelmaker Abuser) had put a label on the side of her hamper that stated “No laundry above this line”.  Since she wasn’t specific who was responsible to insure the line was not crossed, we all pitched in and did a little laundry to keep it in compliance.

We washed the car, and saw a movie, and made wedge salads, and played some board games. 

Sneak peek into this week?  Summer camp starts, and more nothing! 

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3 Responses to Week One – Look Out Summer, here we come!

  1. M Beth says:

    O Summer Reader: Please tell us what you are reading and if you recommend.Thanks!

  2. aloudthink says:

    How to be confident in yourself?

  3. stranovedref says:

    How to be confident in yourself?

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