Summer Week 2: Getting in the Groove

This week, the girls started off their first summer camp.  It is like college, with four one hour classes, but way more fun. 

Grace has computers, Wii play, Candy making and Tea Party.

Andra had Candle and soap making, ceramics, photography and Twilight.

In the afternoons, they hung out, made cookies, swam and went to the library.

Sounds good, right?  I had a good people week, between having lunch with my friend Peggy and a lovely dinner with my friend Cathy.  I forget how great it is to see people, and laugh and enjoy their company.  I know that sounds stupid, but I get so busy I don’t make plans, and then I don’t see anyone because they did make plans.  And I remembered this week how delightful people are.  I ended the people fun by having a hug fest with the mail man today – it’s Phil’s cousin, and it was great to see him, making the rounds, cruising the neighborhood.

It’s a good world we have here.

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