Someone’s Father’s Opus

Today, after way too many months of staring at dusty boxes of slides from Phil’s father’s life’s work, unexpectedly, Phil and I dug in.  In total, I think it is safe to say that between previous days and to day, we have reviewed around 5000 slides.  That is a lot of slides.

Every time we thought we were done, we found more.

It brought a few things to light for Phil and I, and we learned some things we think can teach us all.

Before I start my list, we noted that above all, Tom’s front yard was his Opus.  I would estimate no less than 500 slides were of the front yard.  He took a dirt lot, and over years of care and planning, made a desert oasis that if the most beautiful thing on the block.  Maybe even in the neighborhood.  Lesson one would be that if you want something more, be tireless, and track your progress.  It will inspire others.


Nature Photos. Unless your name starts with an A and rhymes with Hansel, give it up on the nature photography.  We know there is a landscape setting on your point and shoot but really, don’t take twenty or thirty rolls of film of far away nature.

People.  The best part of our lives.  People.  Put one in every picture.  People.  In pictures.

Bad shots.  When the film comes back, and the picture is blank, or underexposed, or blurry because your hand was shaking or was the exact same shot as the one right before it or the picture is underexposed or there’s no people in it, throw it away RIGHT NOW.  Don’t save it for your kids to do.

Good shots.  DO Something WITH THEM.  There are some of the most beautiful shots of the desert we’ve seen.  On slides.  In boxes.  Where they have been for years.

Good Shots with People in Them.  These are the money shots.  They show time, and illustrate fashion trends.  They show interesting pieces of our lives, like what we wanted for Christmas when we were ten, or twenty.  They show who we were, and mostly, how much better we are now.  Best of all? BLACKMAIL.  Look out, Phil’s family.  Whether it is Valla’s perm, or Greg, golfing without his shirt on, or Eddie in neon looking like the New Kids on the Block, game on.  Similar to the Good shots note, DO SOMETHING WITH THEM.  It could be a nice little source of income. 

All in all, here’s the scoop.  We have taken a long, long walk down memory lane and thank goodness for that.  Thank goodness, above all, that we got back to the house, put our feet up and had a drink to celebrate.   

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