What’s so Great About Week 3?

This week was week 3 of summer. The week part? pretty weak.  Just more super fun summer camp, hanging out at home and library time.  The week end part? AWESOME.

The girls spent last night at the Zoo.  Not in an exhibit, but in tents, in the middle of it all.  They got to cruise the zoo with flashlights, have an after dark scavenger hunt, and associate with the animals (at least that is what Grace the Gorilla told me).  The had a snack, and went to bed close to midnight.  Then they got up before 6 AM, fed some animals, learned all the crazy ways the zookeepers feed the animals, got to check out the tigers and had breakfast.  It was so cool, it made it seem less hot.

Look out week four….

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1 Response to What’s so Great About Week 3?

  1. Tabitha says:

    that’s amazing! was there an age limit on that? b/c i would have enjoyed that!! hehe

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