Phase 2: The Lake Experience

We spent a few days on this vacation with my Aunt and Uncle at their lovely home on the lake.  We haven’t been lake people much, seeing as there aren’t really any lakes too close to us at home. 

We now love the lake.  I told anyone who was listening that if I lived in that house I would have to quit my job and just sit in the back yard playing beanbags, swinging on the swing, and oh yea, going out on the lake.  I like it that much.

We heard loons, and watched loons.  We saw eagles and eagle’s nests.  There were fish in the water, and some of us fished a couple times.  But the biggest fun of all was the boat, and more specifically, the dragging of kids on various things behind the boat.  Inner tubes, sleds, knee boards – all good!  The girls were adventurous, and got out and skidded around back there.  We all swam in the lake.  (Check off that life line!).


We learned a new dominoes game – chicken foot – which is fun for all of us.  I have now procured some dominoes so we can play at home. 

Jane fed us well, and followed our fairly theme song of Meat for Breakfast Meat for Lunch.  Meat IS the food we love to munch.

Thanks Jane.  Thanks Pat.  Thanks for letting us invite ourselves, sleep in your loft, eat your meat, and whiz around behind your boat.  Maybe you shouldn’t have been so nice to us, because we will probably come back.

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