Phase 3: Hutchinson

We drove a little south to experience Hutchinson, with my cousin Jennie.  We started the drive on a country road, and stopped along the way at a strawberry farm and bought fresh picked strawberries.  They are so juicy straight out of the field, we ate a huge amount right away, and continued to eat them until they were gone that day.  The proprietor offered the girls something out of a box in the corner – kittens!  We didn’t take any, though.  And Sophie couldn’t pet them because they make her blotchy.

When we got to Hutchinson, we hung out a little, we ate some fantastic foods, we went to a T-ball game and watched Martin swing away.  We cruised over to see the biggest ball of twine ever rolled by one man.

Across the street there was a merry go round, and a teeter totter.  I think in Arizona these are outlawed, so we ran right over and played.

We hit the jackpot when Jennie got her awesome friend Tami to show us around her dairy farm.  That’s right, her DAIRY farm.  We aren’t in Tucson anymore, Toto!  First, I must say that Tami is awesome.  She is cute, and funny, and was awesome with the kids.  (I think Phil thinks she was pretty awesome too.) She let them milk the cows.

She let them feed the baby calves, and let them name a couple. 

She let them help where wash their show cow, and  it was awesome, kind of like a huge cow blackboard, with finger painting kids of all ages.

She showed us a brand new kitten.  A huge city girl thanks to Tami – it was awesome!
Even if it was only for a couple days, I love Hutchinson.  Thanks Jennie.

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