Oh Yea, It’s Summer, Week Something

Whoa!  So after we got back from Minnesota, we took a week of easy, with the girls just hanging out.  Then the girls took the greatest summer dance camp, and did ballet, hip hop and some choreography.  They had a groovy recital on Thursday, and because my sister Julia and her kids were here, Julie got to see them dance too.  We got to hang out with them all week while Levi and Kara did sports campts at the U of A.

The thing is, summer is almost over. 

It is blazing hot, baking on fire most days, and we are sweating through the parking lot in tank tops and flip flops to go buy school clothes – tennis shoes and skinny jeans.

It just feels wrong.

The girls have one week of girl scout sleep away camp, and one week ofa super fun far away trip to grandma’s in Washington State, and then presto!  Changeo!  Three days until school starts August 6.

The longer this crazy thing called life goes on, the faster we seem to get there.

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