Camp. The Meek Shall Inherit. Becoming Anna Nicole.

This week the girls were at sleep away summer camp, so Phil and I had a chance to date again.

Except that I left him.

I traveled to Las Vegas to get some learnin’ (when I told my boss I was going to training he replied that he didn’t think I could be trained so I guess I can’t say I went to training).  On this trip to get learned, I was stricken.  Is that the proper way to past tense for be struck?  A few things struck me.

FIRST:  It appears I may only be a few surgeries and a lobotomy away from becoming Anna Nicole Smith.  You see, I sat next to a man on the plane who was attractive and relaxed.  He was reading a book called “Terrestrial Energy” and being chatty and having no boundaries, I commented to him with a nod of my head “Have you solved the world’s energy crisis yet?”.  He replied that the answer was Nuclear and we proceeded to have a conversation about politics and the state of the union.  He had worked for Anderson “When it was a good thing” he said, and the then was an attorney.  He made a wisecrack about how accountants were inefficient, and when I asked him, feigning grave injury, if he still worked he said “No.  I finished all my work in 1994 and closed my practice.”  All of this I found clever, and I found him charming. It got interesting, however, at one point, when he made a comment and added that he thought he was quite a bit older than me.  Since I think I look about 23, I said knowingly, “Maybe not as much as you would think” to which he replied “I am 85.”  I wouldn’t have put him at 85 EVER. 

It got me thinking about my other recent crush, a tax attorney out of Phoenix who is also, as it turns out, 85.  It seems a bit unusual that my two recent crushes, one telephonic and one avionic, were both attorneys aged 85.  Maybe Anna Nicole really wasn’t just after the money.

SECOND:  The meek shall inherit the earth.  We have all heard it, but I have a new context for it.  I was in Las Vegas for Learnin, as I previously mentioned.  Accountant learnin’.  This was a nerd convention in Las Vegas, and as I walked the halls on day one, and day two, surrounded by the normal debauchery that is Las Vegas, I noticed that although we were surrounded by the pool, and the casinos and alcohol and opportunities for trouble, that we, the proud accountants of the world, were in class.  We started at 7 AM.  In Vegas.  We attended class, we listened (mostly) and asked questions.  We came back the next day at 7 AM.  Really.  I even got emails from my other boss asking me why I was sending email and working at 9 PM in Vegas – well because I had to be to class by 7, of course.  We may not be as cool as some other professions, but while the  rest of the world is gambling and tipping generously at strip clubs, we were learning about Records Retention and Accounting Pronouncements.  It makes me confident we will prevail.

AND FINALLY: I did tag along with Peg and Steve to go to a Jersey Boys show.  I have purchased the Frankie Valli Greatest Hits and can’t stop listening to it. We went to the dinner and a show in Vegas.  Oh What a Night!

If you haven’t listened in a while, take a Frankie Valli break today – it is happiness set to music.

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5 Responses to Camp. The Meek Shall Inherit. Becoming Anna Nicole.

  1. jacki says:

    Aw! Good luck Andra! She’ll be great. She doesn’t seem to have your (our) dorky fashion sense and she has been appropriately warned. New beginnings are usually awesome if difficult and they build lots of character.

  2. That was an inspiring post,Keep up the good work,Thanks for writing, most people don’t bother.

  3. Alltrillers says:

    Listen, as long as you have created a blog?

  4. ruskvart says:

    Listen, as long as you have created a blog?

  5. Literator says:

    I really liked it. GG!

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