Rockin the Junior High Bus

We have an elaborate car pool system this year, that includes at least 6 parents on a good week. 

I drew the Junior High Bus duty.

It rocks.  I play my ipod and ask them questions they don’t want to answer and they still try and answer out of politeness since I am not their mom and being surly serves them no purpose.  They only have to tolerate me for about 9 minutes a day.

Today I gave them an assignment to work on an elevator speech – you know, a thirty second introduction to someone that tells them what you are all about. 

Yesterday one of the gals mentioned that she thought it was really funny that I had Lady Gaga on my ipod and she kept asking “Is this the radio, or your ipod?”  “Why on my ipod.” I said. 

She was silent in shock that I could be so super cool.  Just doin’ my job, rockin the junior high bus.  Thinkin’ up the next assignment.

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