No Donna Reed

Grace needs a new mother.  She needs Donna Reed, standing around in a sweet vintage apron and heels, holding a plate of cookies that are magically and preternaturally warm. 

She needs a mother who just stares at her all day, who praises her constantly, picks up the floor behind her as she walks and who likes playing dress up with her  bears and dolls and other dolls, but unfortunately for Grace, she got ME.  She would probably do great with any number of you, my super mom readers, but again.  Stuck with me. 

She has always held me to a higher standard, and she is so acutely aware of the universe that she notices things more than any kid her age should.  “Good job, Mom, you are planning a party!  You must be feeling better!”  or “Thank you for buying us this delicious juice, Mom.”  She is free with her praises, “Thank you so much for packing me a healthy lunch, Mom.  It makes me happy.”

She is, however, equally open with her critiques.  “How could you forget the cookie dough!  How will I come home to a small plate of chocolate chip cookies after school, now?”  “Place mats!  What did you do with all the place mats!  How can I set the table, now!”  She drops all the way to “You aren’t the mother you used to be” when I have been particularly neglectful.  Last night while I was singing her a lullaby, she was correcting my mis-sung verses, mid song.  It can be a little hard to be Grace’s mom, sometimes.

So today, while I am not proud of my behavior, I admit I bribed my kid.  I bribed her to read a book.  Grace has decided to pick books to read that are super easy for her and WAY below her reading level, and I wanted her to read Trixie Belden for various reasons. Grace is also a total computer addict, and without proper incentive she will not pry her fingers from the keyboard.  So I admit it.  I bribed her with money (even worse than just bribing).  So, with her powers, she read the whole book today.  Deal done, right? 

She called me while I was running errands.  I wasn’t doing enough.  She decided that I was being too easy on her, with just the reading, and so she was going to develop a small quiz of 10 questions on reading comprehension, and she had to get 9 or 10 right to get her bribe money.  So I can’t even bribe her properly.

What would Donna Reed do?

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