Stuff We Did Last Weekend

Down With Junk Mail!  Today I solved one of my bigger annoyances, AND helped save the planet.  Check it out:

  • – sign a petition to get rid of your dust collecting phone book.
  • – free sign up to stop getting catalogs.  I used to love alot of the catalogs I get, but since I have a full house I just don’t need the temptation.    I turned off 23 catalogs today – Doug, our relative/mailman, is going to LOVE us (more).
  • – this one costs money, but it will be so worth it if we continue to empty the recycle box.  We just get so much mail, and after forwarding orders from our dealy departed, we get 3 times as much, it seems to me.  They estimate the average person gets 41 pounds of mail a year, I think if you checkwith our mailman, ours is a month.


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