Andra. Speaking Up.

Lately, my kids have been a full time job.  I know, I KNOW – they are supposed to be.  It just seems that lately, between 2 dental or orthodontist appointments a week, dance practice, early out days and plain old life, I haven’t spent a full day at the office in a month.

Our extra togetherness has bred some familiarity I would like to crush out of my dear darlings, however, they have been in rare form – especially Andra, who has developed a new breed of clever sassiness that never fails to leave me simultaneously angry and holding my stomach with convulsive laughter.

A sampling of today’s contributions by Andra:

scene 1
Andra:  Grace, your new outfit is really cute.
Andra, whispering:  secretly jealous

scene 2
Andra:  storms from room, for no reason Grace or I can discern.
Andra:    <<lonesome sound of recorder playing down the hall>>
Andra: <<shouting>>  That is called the “I am ready for your apology” song!

Me to Grace:  What are we apologizing for?
Grace:             I don’t know.

Andra:    GRACE!  I am going to rip your book in half!  You better sleep with one eye open!

Me and Grace:  Convulsive laughter.  With tears, even. 

scene 3
Andra, as I am giving her a mini pedicure:  OUCH! You are hurting me!
Me, sympathetically:                                         Don’t be such a baby.
Andra:  How can I be a baby when my feet are this huge?  (We bought her new hiking boots last weekend – MENS size 7).

scene 4
Me:          Andra, do you have any laundry you need me to throw in the wash?
Andra:    Well, all these clothes inside out on the floor of my room would be a really good start.

Its a good thing I love the girl. 

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4 Responses to Andra. Speaking Up.

  1. Jillian says:

    I just died of laughter reading this post. 🙂 Let the good times begin.

  2. Mostly Jenine says:

    Um, bearing children? Dish!

  3. electroprom says:

    When I met my real love((((((

  4. Ananrad says:

    That’s it for this article begin to read this blog. Plus, a subscriber:)

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