They call me J 9

When Lyra came over to shoot photos, I gave her some practical advice.  “Just make me look good.”  I told her.  You see, the girls are so photogenic, they’ll turn out fine no matter what she shoots.  Phil has dozens and dozens of hunting photos of himself, but I have only the occasional posed portrait, or the child-shot camping photo of me in mom jeans with nary a blow dryer in sight.  I tried to be jovial and casually pleasant looking for the shoot, but this might be the best – “ha ha ha, isn’t cutting cake fun?”

I think this is a photo of the mom Grace wants. 

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1 Response to They call me J 9

  1. Mark says:

    It seems like you have a wonderful family. I saw your entry on Google, trying to find help. I don’t know where to go, could you point me in the right direction. My name is Mark Haftman and I am struggling this season. My wife passed away on Oct. 11th 2009. I have been disabled since 2000. I had to have a challenged young lady in foster care removed from our home because I can only make $700.00 a month on Disability, or I will lose it, and we received $1600.00 a month for her care. My 17 yr old step daughter Brittney has alopecia and is still in the home. On Dec. 7th 2009 I adopted a 9yr old young man who had been in the CPS system for several years, because it was my wifes heart to bring this man into our home and give him a family that loved him. I am two months behind on my mortgage payment of $1323.00 and am trying to work with them for some type of loan modification. I’m waiting for an amended Birth Certificate (for my adopted son)from Indiana so I can start getting funds from Social security. I’ve been told that could take 6 – 8 months. I have been left with $16,000.00 in Credit card debt that costs me $620.00 a month to repay. I’ve gone to all the resources reffered to and most don’t have any funds available or I am only able to get one food box a month. I started getting the TEP Low Income Family Emergency Assistance of $8.00 a month credit on my electric bill. My wife passed away suddenly in her sleep and took us all by surprise. I know where she is resting but it doesn’t help the pain in my heart because I miss her so much. She was involved in the Pima County Jail Ministry and was the Director of the Hospitality House for Women of Tucson. She was able to help a lot of women overcome themselves and re-enter the community as productive people. My heart aches that I only have a few dollars till Jan. 4th when I get my monthly Disabilty. For Christmas I am just asking for one or two things for Brittney and David. As a single dad it is so hard for me to see them suffer without their mom and go without this time of year. I know that we will see the true meaning of Christmas this year and it will stay with us forever. ANYTHING will help. Thank you for your time and consideration,Mark W. Haftman8983 N. Agate PlaceTucson, AZ. 85742(520) 572.4937

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