As Dry Leaves That Before the Wild Hurricane Fly

As Dry Leaves That Before the Wild Hurricane Fly, When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky!

I love this line in Twas the Night Before Christmas.  It is such a perfect description.  As a side note, the Green Valley library, just up the road from where we used to live, has an original ORIGINAL hand written copy of the poem.  Wow.

Ok, so back to Christmas Eve.  As I took a quick last minute trip to the store today, I couldn’t help but think of my two friends, Tom and Quedith, out there in the desert.  I saw Tom last week and gave him a gift but still had a pair of pants I got for Quedith in the back.  With all the other things going on, I haven’t had a spare moemnt, but I cound’t help but think of Tom and Quedith out there.  They were, at one point, someone’s little boys.  And Christmas, just like very other day would come and go.  They will probably get no presents, they won’t have any sugar cookies.  It was, to be quite truthful, breaking my heart.  Which, I also admit, is a whole new thing for me.  I have never been too sentimental about that kind of thing, choosing to either be oblivious or not having any personal connection to draw me in.  So the fact that I care, much less care a lot is a new thing.

And yet, the whole concept of boundaries, and a desire to focus on my very own little darlings was pulling me in another direction as I thought about what I might do for them tomorrow, on Christmas Day.

As just like that, there Quedith was.  Riding his bike on the side of the road.  So I pulled over, and gave him his pants.  Plus some cash.  And Quedith told me he had moved, just like Tom had done just a few weeks before. 

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