Day 10. An Awakening.

Today, we were super busy with fun.

We got hair cuts.  We washed the car.  We ate – we actually ALL ate – Indian food for lunch.  Grace went back 4 times to the buffet.  Andra said “this is good”.  Then we spent gift certificates for used books and games.  We drove ourselves down to Kara’s volleyball tournament – Go team!  Then, we drove Ryan to get Levi, and stopped by the theaters to see, what else – the Squeaquel.  But the fun?  The fun didn’t stop there.

We agreed, all around, that we were ready to go home.  We started driving home.  We talked about what we wanted to dinner at home.  And then we saw the sign.  On the corner.  A small, A frame white sign with only two simple words.  Roller Derby.  So we turned around, and went back – of course!  Who wouldn’t?

And now, I am in love with roller derby.  First, they gave us the chance to give.  They had Food Bank donations and Haiti donations.  So we gave to Haiti, again.  It still doesn’t seem like enough, so I guess we will probably keep on giving.  Then, we got to go to the roller derby!  Super girl power, roller skates, a rock band – what else is there?  We had a great time and came home.  I can’t wait to go to roller derby again, plus I need to start working on my Roller Derby Name.  Je Mean Business?  (pronounced to rhyme with Jenine and a little French accent?)  J-9-Lives?  You know, 9 lives?  Maybe less obscure, something like “I’ll Kill You”?  I’ll keep working on it.

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