I said earlier that day 8 was the hard day.  Day 16?  Twice as hard.

On day 14 I took my mother in law to a musical.  I let her buy me dinner, and I bought her coffee.  We kind of gifted each other.  The book talks quite a bit about reciprocity being part of what you need to learn about the universe – and taking gifts is often hard for me.  So I will take this as a sign I am growing.

On day 15 I mailed a handful of letters to people, I got my kids some yummy snacks for lunches, which is kind of a cross between normal parenting, and gifting.  At this point, I am realizing I am not, as the requirement states, being particularly mindful about giving.  I vow to work on this part. 

So on day 16 I wrote a letter to a friend (who I don’t think reads my blog) who needs a friend who isn’t crazy right now.  I sent her this super cool necklace I bought on our trip to San Diego, that I have been saving for just such an occasion (someone needing something cool) but only after I mindfully surfed the internet for something that would be decadent that she would never do for herself.  Day 16 felt a tiny bit more mindful.

On day 17, which was yesterday, Oi.  I struggled a little.  So I gave my children patience, their way and a movie.  We went and picked up donuts at Krispy Kreme – because they wanted to.  Then they picked where we were having dinner, and we went to Avatar.  Which was delightful, I must say.

I am working out all kinds of thoughtfulness for today to make up for my lack of mindfulness…

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1 Response to 14.15.16.

  1. Aunt Jane says:

    Guess I am one of the lucky ones…thanks for the card that thanked me!

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