Day 18, a new day

Day 18 –  I am mailing a birthday present to one friend, who needs a present right now.  I am mailing a birthday present for Sophie (gosh I hope I heard right that it was her birthday…) and some little gifts to Jennie and Martin.  I am going to give a present to Sevda, too, by including some cookies for Jennie to mail to Sevda (it costs $40 to mail $4 of girl scout cookies out of the country so I will let Jennie do the mailing part ). 

I actually am thinking ahead, better, trying to remember what birthdays are coming and getting people things they would like.  This is somewhat counter to my usual gift giving of giving what I like.  I have several upcoming birthdays all shopped for, and I have delightful valentines gifts for certain people, plus we are throwing a valentines party for the girls friends.

I wrapped up the day by cleaning out my gift buckets, and gave two huge bags of presents for the Good Kid box to Grace’s teacher.  Things I have assembled over the years and never given away, but that any Fourth Grader will be happy to have.

Look out Day 19, here I come…

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1 Response to Day 18, a new day

  1. Anonymous says:

    February 23rd, you’ve already given me my gift!

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