21. 22. 23. Ok, and 24. 25.

I forgot I gave some cookies away on day 21.  How is that for mindful giving.  Sigh.

On day 22 I propagated all kinds of trouble, I am afraid.  I inadvertently made all kinds of people feel bad about things, including myself. I gave in little ways all day, but none seem big enough to admit.  I probably would have felt better if I made some grand gesture to people, but all I could think of was to buy Andra some crazy expensive flossers that fit under your braces (kind of self serving since I want her to have nice teeth after all the money it will take to make them straight) and I bought Valentine’s presents for the girls (kind of pre-gifting).

Day 23,  I did, however, give from scarcity today (one of the rules) and gave some time to my new pet charity, the Tucson Children’s Museum.  I got a free lunch, but it grew out of my instigating and offering help, so I committed to more time.  Sometime.  In the future.

On day 24, which was only Friday, but seems like a year ago, I sent a great CD to someone who won’t be expecting it.

Day 25, yesterday, I was nicer than usual to my kids (at least I think so) and I gave Grace a small gift to thank her for helping me with a couple things.

I am thinking alot more about giving, but I am getting tired of tracking it, and confessing, if you will.  I have 4 days left, and I will say that I am more thoughtful each day, but that in between a full time job, four dance practices, two basketball practices, a basketball game, laundry and general home maintence, daily giving is a challenge.  Giving isn’t hard, but doing it in a way that isn’t just throwing money around (my personal over-compensation for my lack of time) is a challenge.

I will keep on giving, and keep on thinking more about people, I admit it. So, just a couple more days in gimmcik number 1 in 2010 Be Better…

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