Further Proof Grace is Underchallenged in School.

When they finish their desk work, the teacher says they can doodle until everyone else is done.  Here is what Grace did.

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8 Responses to Further Proof Grace is Underchallenged in School.

  1. Misty says:

    That’s awesome! She leaves nothing to the imagination.

  2. Jacki says:

    So Grace, tell us how you really feel

  3. That’s a great doodle, I can’t really pinpoint how she was feeling about having to wait until everyone else got finished. Perhaps a feeling of boredom was felt. I like to doodle when I am bored also.

  4. Grace certainly knows to express herself and quite well at that!! I am sure she’ll grow up to be a very good artist and if trained well, she’ll surely make a name for herself!! Wonder what her teacher said on seeing it!! But I like the way she has kept herself engaged and she has so many ways of putting forth her feelings in a very original manner! I wonder whether the teacher has given this drawing to the parent!!

  5. That’s really great and brilliant drawing.She is very talented. Thanks for sharing.

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