An Orange Drink in Kino Bay

In probably 1985, my Mom, my Dad and I went on spring break to Kino Bay, Mexico.  Saturday, I got a Mexican orange soda at the international market, and drinking it brought back memories of that trip.  Some days, if you asked me if I had ever been to Kino Bay, I might have forgotten, because I was a teenager, and the trip was deliciously boring.

And strangely enough, with the complexity of our lives today, that is what I remembered.  I remember a nearly vacant beach, and nothing about the hotel room.  I remember getting up in the mornings, getting an orange soda and lying on sand.  I remember one night, we went to the end of the road, and were escorted in to a restaurant by men with machine guns, which, admittedly was strange.  We went on to order, and someone, likely Dad, ordered lobster, and when it came it was a lobster as big as an alligator and it was just sawed in half down the middle and it must have taken an hour to eat.

I must have read something that week.  I must have interacted with my parents and probably other people, but I remember none of it.  There was no TV.  No music.  No siblings.   I remember the leisure of having nothing to do for days, and the joy of an orange soda on a hot day.  It seems to me, even today, like a perfect vacation.

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  1. calories says:

    The author has raised a really valid point. Those things which we remember most will always be in our mind. The author points out that she remembers the neatly vacant beach and nothing about the hotel room. In fact she really loved the beach and hence it was registered in her memory. The hotel room was not good I suppose. So she did not enjoy it and hence it was not registered in her memory. Therefore she cannot remember anything about it.

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