something amazing

Grace, once again, stumped Santa.  In the past she has asked for “Whatever you think I will like.” or “Something you want to give me.”  This year she told me she was going to secretly seal the envelope and go to the mail with me, but later, changed her mind and let me read her list.  Good thing, because Santa was incredulous when she told him what she wanted this year – Something Amazing.  No details, no ideas, just Something Amazing.

Lucky for me, I have Something Amazing in my sweet girl.  After all, she is Amazing Grace.

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  1. Sandi says:

    Hey, Guys, was trimming the beach Christmas tree this morning, opened a small box, it contained the tiny glow-in-the-dark angels you gave many Christmases ago. As I hung them in the sun light, to recharge, I thought of you guys, the three of you charged up and shining (wether you realize it or not, others see it) in this darkness because you’re charged by hanging around in the light of The Son, and of Andra celebrating Christmas in His presence. . .love you guys

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