In the spirit of the heart

Valentines day was too easy this year.  Every year, Grace makes bold plans, and executes them quickly.  This year, she picked Phinneas and Ferb valentines and made personalized purple and blue cupcakes to match for each classmate.  She powers through a class of valentines in less than an hour, writing neatly and clearly.  We held our second annual Casa D Valentines party, as well, where we made cookies and cupcakes and finger sandwiches, with a craft for the kids. 

And yet, even though all that wears me out, it was still too easy. 

You see, Andra always made her valentines from scratch.  She used doilies, and construction paper, and stickers and even copper wire – you name it, she used it to make her valentines each year.  The problem is, she was S. L. O. W.   Honestly, it would take her weeks to design and stay focused long enough to make all her valentines, like these beauties in 2009. 

To be clear, although deeply thoughtful, the process was often painful due to the expectations gap of the perfect valentine.  Last year, Andra wrote personalized messages to all her friends, and then copied them on to scrapbook paper squares with stickers with each persons initials.  But she wasn’t finished, as the 14th rapidly approached, since she decided to send them to the whole 6th grade, instead of just her class.  Late into the night on the 13th, Grace and Andra giggled and drew swirly decorations to finish the valentines (in a rare moment of solidarity). 

My favorite, although I can’t imagine what poor Chris’s last name is, is “Chris – your last name sounds like quesadilla (I like quesadillas)”

This year, I raided the photo archives, for Andra’s heartmade valentine to us all.  Two photos, from 2008.


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