everything is bigger….. in Texas

As we move through this year of painful firsts, we can check off our first trip with three.  Being away is a good distraction, but also makes the missing piece to our four piece puzzle so much more obvious.  In addition, whenever you encounter a “first” there are new situations – sleeping arrangements, and seat assignments and a table for three, oh my. 

We ate a huge Cinnamon roll.  We drank big drinks.  We stayed in a big hotel, on a high floor.  We saw our friend Teryn.  We went to Sea World.  But mostly, we started figuring out how to be three.  That was the biggest thing in Texas.

On the river walk.

Feeding the Lorikeets.

Drinking our big drinks.

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3 Responses to everything is bigger….. in Texas

  1. Tony Stewart says:

    My God. The baby you were carrying when you helped hire me at AIGO. The little girl that I saw growing up on occasion, that you brought over on Halloween just before we moved out of the Valley. Your grief is my biggest fear as I am raising my great-niece of 5, since she was 1. I battle my fear with praise and thanks of gratitude of being given this chance. My own children have aged to being in charge of their own mortality and for that I am grateful. Yet this little one grips my heart as I realize that is the ONE Thing that I am not sure of how I would ever approach your strength in facing what you three have. Bless you and your family Jenine. I hope to stay in touch and learn from you three. Tony & Kenzy

  2. NixAspipins says:

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